Socialist Feminist Charter

Article I: Name

The name of this group shall be Socialist Feminist Working Group, hereafter SocFem.

Article II: Scope

The purpose of SocFem shall be to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Provide space for activists in our area to discuss and assess movement work from a socialist feminist perspective that is rooted in equality for all genders, races, ages, nationalities, sexualities, immigration statuses, and ablities.
  2. Build connections with local movements and organizers through on-the-ground work in order to advance the goals laid out in the SocFem manifesto provided at the end of this document. 
  3. Bring an intersectional feminist perspective to our broader chapter’s work, including anti-racist work in support of Black Lives Matter. 
  4. Pursue opportunities for internal and external education on topics related to intersectional and socialist feminism. 
  5. The SocFem shall report to MADSA and its Executive Committee.

Article III: Membership and Voting

  1. SocFem meetings shall be open to DSA and non-DSA members; SocFem may not prevent a DSA member from attending SocFem meetings. Any membership-related issues are to be brought to the MADSA Executive Committee. As a body of MADSA, SocFem is subject to the Harassment-Grievance process.
  2. SocFem will have a code of conduct that all working groups members will be expected to follow inside SocFem meetings and projects. 
  3. All DSA members that have been active in at least 2 SocFem meetings in the last 6 months are able to vote. 
  4. Non-DSA members are invited to participate in meetings but are not voting members of SocFem.
  5. SocFem will determine democratically (by simple majority vote) what topics/areas of work to prioritize and how to do so, including what actions to take as a group.   Any working group member may call for a vote on any decision. 
  6. SocFem will meet at least monthly. 

Article IV: Leadership

  1. SocFem shall elect two (2) co-chairs. The co-chairs shall be responsible for coordinating the work of the group, including ensuring regular meetings of the working group, and communicating with the MADSA Executive Committee.
  2. Chairs are limited to two (2) consecutive one-year terms, but may run for as many terms total as they choose. 
  3. Elections shall be held annually, ideally after the adoption or extension of a charter.
  4. Vacancies of the co-chairs shall be filled by a working group vote at the next meeting.  
  5. Recall of steering committee members shall be conducted through the Executive Committee of MADSA.

Article V: Finances

  1. A budget for SocFem shall be submitted at the time of charter and upon successive rechartering. This will allow us to create working group materials and start our educational and movement work. 
  2. SocFem finances are to be handled through MADSA’s Treasurer and should not be independently managed. Any funds raised by SocFem shall be submitted to MADSA’s Treasurer; funds submitted are not for MADSA general purposes and are to be added to SocFem’s ledger. MADSA’s Treasurer must disperse allocated funds as directed by SocFem.
  3. SocFem’s Co-chairs may spend up to $50 at a time on working group activities as they deem fit. Larger expenditures must be voted on by SocFem membership. Online voting will be allowed between meetings if the need is determined by SocFem’s Co-chairs to be urgent. 

Article VII: Terms of Charter

  1. To last for 1 year after the adoption of this charter, or until the next MADSA Convention Meeting, whichever is shorter.
  2. SocFem will be governed by the bylaws of DSA Madison, which describe in detail the operation and leadership selection of Working Groups.
  3. For the duration of this charter, SocFem shall be empowered to represent itself as MADSA for issues relating to the SocFem projects and may create events and promotional materials to achieve its ends. Written statements shall be brought to the MADSA Executive Committee for approval.