Socialist Feminist Charter

Rechartered: 2022-03-27

Article I: Name

The name of this group shall be Socialist Feminist Collective, hereafter SocFem.

Article II: Scope

The purpose of SocFem shall be to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Provide space for activists in our community to engage in, discuss, and assess movement work from a socialist feminist perspective that is rooted in equality for all genders, races, ages, nationalities, sexualities, immigration statuses, and ablities.
  2. Engage in ongoing relationship-building with local activists, especially activists of color, to advance the goals laid out in the SocFem manifesto provided at the end of this document, as we have already done through ongoing organizing around reproductive justice and anti-sexual assault actions in the community.
  3. Organize in support of abortion rights and all other tenets of reproductive justice, including continuing our Strike the Ban campaign to repeal the state’s standing ban on abortion (which would go into effect should Roe v Wade fall this summer).
  4. Organize around socialist feminist issues such as sex worker rights, trans rights, LGBT rights, and many others. This organizing can include mutual aid, marches, rallies, teach-ins, community building, advocacy, and many other forms or tactics.
  5. Pursue opportunities for internal and external education on topics related to intersectional and socialist feminism.

Article III: Relationship to Madison Area DSA

This group includes active members who are and are not members of Madison Area DSA. As a

MADSA working group, we plan to continue to combine our efforts with members and

non-members alike to achieve the goals laid out in our scope. SocFem members will vote as

members of the working group on matters that affect the whole group, but if there are

DSA-specific matters unrelated to SocFem’s efforts as a whole, SocFem members who are also

members of MADSA will handle them independently. As a MADSA working group, SocFem will

report its activities to MADSA and its Executive Committee, and members of SocFem’s

Operating Committee will attend working group roundtables (also known as conclave meetings).

Article IV: Membership and Voting

  1. A. SocFem meetings shall be open to DSA and non-DSA members.
  2. Any SocFem member that has been active in at least 1 SocFem meeting in the last 3 months is able to participate in group decisions.
  3. SocFem will determine democratically what topics/areas of work to prioritize and how to do so, including what actions to take as a group. Any working group member may call for a vote on any decision. Priority will be placed on consensus-based discussion and decision-making, however, in a situation of urgency where consensus cannot be achieved, decisions will be made by majority vote by membership after discussion. In a situation in which the membership cannot meet, the Operating Committee will make a decision.
  4. SocFem will meet at least monthly.

Article V: Leadership

  1. SocFem will elect an Operating Committee which will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following functions of the working group:
    1. Scheduling and posting notice of meetings
    2. Delegating meeting minute taking and posting meeting notes
    3. Setting meeting agendas
    4. Maintaining communications with the MADSA Executive Committee
    5. Maintaining communications with other MADSA working groups, including attending regular working group roundtable meetings
    6. Communicating with members about week-to-week action items and assisting with the assignment of such tasks
    7. Coordination with the National Socialist Feminist working group when possible
  2. Operating Committee roles will be identified by the SocFem working group once annually, and may be modified as the needs of the working group are determined. Operating Committee roles may include:
    1. Education coordinator
    2. Co-chairs (2)
    3. Social media
    4. Membership outreach and development
  3. Operating Committee terms:
    1. Members will serve one year terms.
    2. At least one co-chair must be a MADSA member; other Operating Committee members may be affiliated or unaffiliated with the chapter.
    3. Members will not serve more than two consecutive terms in the same role. However, Operating Committee members may continue to serve on the Operating Committee in a different role.
    4. In the case of a vacancy, votes to fill Operating Committee positions will take place within 3 weeks of a vacancy on the committee. Priority will be placed on consensus-based discussion and decision-making, however, in a situation of urgency where consensus cannot be achieved, decisions will be made by majority vote by membership after discussion.
    5. Unless necessitated by resignation or other circumstances, the election of Operating Committee members will be staggered. Two members will be elected in May (one co-chair and one other position) and two will be elected in November (one co-chair and one other position).

Article VI: Finances

  1. SocFem requests a budget of $500 for 2022. This will allow us to continue our current organizing efforts within the Strike the Ban campaign to repeal the state’s standing ban on abortion should Roe v Wade fall this summer, and help fund material creation for the working group’s general organizing (event hosting, buttons, flyers, stickers, banners, etc.).
  2. SocFem finances are to be handled through MADSA’s Treasurer and sho uld not be independently managed. Any funds raised by SocFem shall be submitted to MADSA’s Treasurer; funds submitted are not for MADSA general purposes and are to be added to SocFem’s ledger. MADSA’s Treasurer must disperse allocated funds as directed by SocFem.
  3. SocFem’s Operating Committee may spend up to $50 at a time on working group activities as they deem fit. Larger expenditures must be voted on by SocFem membership. Online voting will be allowed between meetings if the need is determined by SocFem’s Co-chairs to be urgent.

Article VII: Terms of Charter

  1. To last for 1 year after the adoption of this charter, or until the next MADSA Convention Meeting, whichever is shorter.
  2. SocFem will be governed by the bylaws of DSA Madison, which describe in detail the operation and leadership selection of Working Groups.
  3. For the duration of this charter, SocFem shall be empowered to represent itself as MADSA for issues relating to the SocFem projects and may create events and promotional materials to achieve its ends. Written statements shall be brought to the MADSA Executive Committee for approval.