Chrystal Kizer Solidarity Fundraiser

Sunday, March 15th — 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Social Justice Center, 1202 Williamson St. Madison WI 53703

Hosted by Madison IWW General Defense Committee, endorsed by Madison DSA: Join us as we commune in solidarity with, and raise money for, Chrystul Kizer, who is imprisoned for defending herself from violent sex trafficking. We assert Black girls’ and women’s right to self-defense and autonomy, that Chrystul should be released immediately with reparations to her and her family for wrongful imprisonment.

Food will be ready around 4:30PM, with our speakers beginning shortly after. We will be updating our speakers list leading up to the event, and if you or someone you know would like to share your perspective, knowledge, or pain, please message the event page. Black, brown, indigenous, trans, and queer voices will be prioritized as we commune over oppression and solidarity in the face of white supremacy, gendered oppression, and the brutality of the prison-industrial complex.

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