Working Groups


The Abolitionist Working Group (AWG) formed out of the work to Derail the Jail and the Doyle Resolution campaigns to stop the jail expansion and decarcerate Dane County. This group is the home in Madison Area DSA for all abolition-related work. We believe that abolition is a key tenet of socialism as prisons and policing are some of the most direct and personal means of state-driven oppression in our current society.


People’s Green New Deal – Madison are activists fighting for the radical promise at the heart of the Green New Deal proposal. Build bus routes, not jails. Put people before profits. Demilitarize and decolonize the United States and foster international solidarity and cooperation to stop climate change.

We organize and mobilize people in Madison to support and a radical Green New Deal from an ecosocialist perspective. We are currently helping organize the Climate Strike on September 20th and a forthcoming Green New Deal town hall meeting.

If you are interested in getting involved follow us on Facebook and feel free to message us.

Electoral Politics

The Electoral Politics Working Group (EPWG) formed in response to the demands of our membership that the chapter expand into electoral-based politics. Socialist movements have not held influence in Wisconsin politics for decades. In Dane County, and Madison in particular, centrism and neoliberal-informed progressivism have co-opted socialist and labor politics. This has left socialist voters with few options to advance the material interests of gender, ability, class, and racially oppressed groups. Madison DSA formed and Electoral Politics Working Group (EPWG) to advance democratic socialism through local political bodies, including elected offices.


We are a community for DSAers active in the labor movement, whether as union members and stewards, union staff, workers center activists, union officers, labor journalists, union retirees, students in labor solidarity groups, labor-oriented intellectuals, or in any other kind of role in the movement!

Red Madison

Red Madison is a monthly newsletter put together by members of the Madison Area chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. We hope to deliver a socialist analysis of state and local politics and current events. If you would like be part of the working group or to write for Red Madison, let us know by sending an email to

Tenant Organizing

Our aim is to organize tenants in order to be able to stand up against landlords in the Madison area who aren’t attending to the needs of tenants, harassing them or neglecting them. Across the continent and overseas, there are tenant unions that are having successes standing up to landlords and winning campaigns to prevent discriminatory evictions, getting landlords to make much-needed renovations and repairs they are required to do but refuse to, raising rents unfairly and other abuses that landlords are able to get away with.