About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a more equitable world by establishing socialism as a political force at the city, state, national, and international levels. We believe that Madison, as well as local and national governments and economies, should operate through social ownership: for the benefit of all instead of for a select few.

Madison DSA is an intersectional—feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, etc.—organization that both educates Madisonians about socialist values and policies and trains and mobilizes grassroots activists to build coalitions that move Madison, the U.S. and the world toward a socialist future.

In the near term, we work toward reforms that shift power and resources away from corporate elites and put them in the hands of ordinary people by campaigning locally for socialist policies and candidates and by establishing a diverse and continually expanding range of working groups to tackle Madison’s various inequalities and injustices.

In the long term, we fight for a world in which all people share equitably in creating and governing economic, political, and cultural institutions, as well as developing interpersonal and communal relationships.

Madison Area DSA operates from a set of democratically agreed upon bylaws which you can read here.

Contact Us

For general inquiries, please email dsamadison@gmail.com