DSA National Endorses Nada Elmikashfi for State Senate District 26!

In June, Madison-Area DSA endorsed local member Nada Elmikashfi, running for State Senate District 26. After our endorsement, our chapter submitted a request for an endorsement by the national Democratic Socialists of America. On July 17th, DSA National announced their endorsement of Nada:

DSA is proud to endorse Nada Elmikashfi for Wisconsin State Senate District 26 – up for election on Tue, Aug 11th.

Nada is a young Muslim immigrant from Sudan, an experienced fighter for voting rights & sustainability, and a proud member of Democratic Socialists of America – Madison. She is running on a platform of Medicare for All, restoring collective bargaining rights for public sector workers, a fare-free statewide public transit system, and police abolition. Nada seeks to empower working people in Madison and across her state. With DSA’s help we can start rolling back the attacks on working people in Wisconsin! Learn more about her campaign and support it at: https://www.nadaforwisconsin.com/

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