Electoral Politics Working Group

About EPWG

The Electoral Politics Working Group (EPWG) formed in response to the demands of our membership that the chapter expand into electoral-based politics. Socialist movements have not held influence in Wisconsin politics for decades. In Dane County, and Madison in particular, centrism and neoliberal-informed progressivism have co-opted socialist and labor politics. This has left socialist voters with few options to advance the material interests of gender, ability, class, and racially oppressed groups. Madison Area DSA formed EPWG to advance democratic socialism through local political bodies, including elected offices.

The EPWG develops the Madison Area DSA local political platform, strategizes for elections, interviews and recommends candidates for endorsement, and mobilizes DSA members through canvassing, media outreach, and other methods to help realize our group’s political platform. The EPWG’s first active election cycle was the 2019 non-partisan election. The EPWG used feedback from the chapter membership to develop a political platform and interview candidates for mayor and school board. The chapter ultimately endorsed Ananda Mirilli’s campaign for school board, which prevailed in the April 2nd election against an incumbent “progressive” candidate who supported the racist Educational Resource Officer program in the face of criticism from students and community organizations. Having supported a successful campaign, the working group will be looking to expand its involvement in political bodies such as the Madison Common Council, Madison Metropolitan School District Board, and Dane County Board of Supervisors. The EPWG will also be looking to support socialist candidates in the 2020 state and local election cycle.

Email us at madsaelectoral@googlegroups.com if you’re interested in joining in on the work of the Electoral Politics Working Group!