Tenant Organizing Working Group Charter

 Article I: Name

Tenant Organizing Working Group (hereafter TOWG)

Article II: Objectives

  • Seek to fully understand the economic and political situation of tenants in Madison
  • Contribute to the development of local tenant organizing projects, including Madison Tenant Power (MTP).
  • Facilitate the distribution of rights information and tenant resources to tenants
  • Ground the struggle for tenant rights in a fundamentally socialist analysis, emphasizing at all times the irreconcilability of tenant and landlord interests and the paramount necessity of building tenant, and working class, power

Using the following initial strategies:

  • Thorough investigation into the conditions of Madison tenants, including independent investigations and contact with groups already involved in tenant struggles.
  • Analysis of the successes and failures of the historical Madison Tenants Union and similar contemporary projects in other cities
  • Organization of neighborhood, block or building associations which can then be combined into a city-wide tenant union.

To last until the objectives have been fulfilled.

Article III: Working Group Bylaws

TOWG will be governed in accordance with the bylaws of Madison DSA, which describe in full the mechanisms of working group operation.

Article IV: Membership

Membership is open to all DSA members in good standing who have attended at least one TOWG or MTP activity in the last 6 months.

Article V: Meetings and Decisions

Meetings will be held on an as-needed basis and can be called by either the co-chairs or any member, with at least 1 weeks’ advance notice to the membership. Meetings are open to all DSA members, but only TOWG members may participate in decision-making.

Article VI: Expenditure

We anticipate that we will need no additional funds except for meeting spaces and occasional expenses such as printing.

Article VII: Working Group Membership

Membership in TOWG is open to all Madison DSA members.