Tenant Organizing Working Group

Our aim is to organize tenants in order to be able to stand up against landlords in the Madison area who aren’t attending to the needs of tenants, harassing them or neglecting them. Across the continent and overseas, there are tenant unions that are having successes standing up to landlords and winning campaigns to prevent discriminatory evictions, getting landlords to make much-needed renovations and repairs they are required to do but refuse to, raising rents unfairly and other abuses that landlords are able to get away with.

All members of the Tenants Organizing Working Group (TOWG) are expected to participate in Madison Tenant Power (MTP) meetings and events since TOWG does not have it’s own meetings or events otherwise. MTP is a formal coalition of the TOWG with other interested groups with the goal of reforming the Madison Tenant Union of the ’70s and was responsible for many of the legal protections Madison tenants have today. The tenant union ended with it becoming the invaluable Tenant Resource Center and with the union’s end, so did advancement of tenants rights in Madison.

Madison Tenant Power meets every other week on Thursdays at 7pm. Details for the meetings are available from the chapter’s events page.