Labor Working Group

About LWG

Madison DSA’s Labor Working Group meets every two weeks for our chapter’s labor activists, union members and organizing workers. LWG members are union members and staff, restaurant workers organizing across the city, and workers who are trying to form unions at their workplaces.

LWG is part workshop for activists trying to figure out how to be effective at the workplace, part education center and part strategizing for how to build a strong movement locally.

Want to Organize?

Labor Working Group has helped workers who are trying to figure out what to do about problems at work or who want to form a union — if you’re interested, fill out the form here.

Latest posts

  • Film: Divided We Fall
    Madison DSA’s Labor Working Group will be hosting a viewing of the film, Divided We Fall, by Katherine Acosta. The first film to take a critical look at the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising, Divided We Fall traces the genesis of the historic capitol occupation and weeks-long protests from the perspective of graduate teaching assistants at the […]
  • Event: Organizing Without Permission: Panel with UE 150
    Madison Area DSA’s Labor Working Group will be hosting an online panel with workers from North Carolina Public Service Workers Union, (UE) Local 150 on Feb 1st, 2021 at 6:30pm. UE Local 150 is a public sector union in North Carolina, where collective bargaining in the public sector is illegal. Even without formal rights, the […]
  • Draft Resolution for Unions to Demand Justice for George Floyd
  • Help Co-op workers win their union!
    Willy Street Co-op workers are currently trying to unionize their workplace. Co-op management is viciously anti-union, and the workers need all the support they can get to win the fight. Here’s what you can do right now: Print off the post image above. Take a selfie with it. Post your selfie on Facebook and send […]
  • MADSA responds to Josh Kaul’s planned defense of Act 10
    Recently elected as Attorney General, Democrat Josh Kaul indicated recently that he anticipates defending Act 10 in court, should a challenge emerge. Madison Area Democratic Socialists of America condemns this statement and any others that signal working people of Wisconsin to lower their expectations after electing supposedly friendly representatives. Scott Walker’s signing of Act 10 […]